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A site dedicated to Fishing
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I thought id make a site dedicated to Angling,

i Have been toying with the idea of making a web page for some time now, and i have finally got round to it, this is the first site i have ever made so please bare with me on the content etc. i hope you like my site and hope you will tell your freinds about it,,, :)

i like millions of other people in the United Kingdom like fishing, for me its become more than a hobby, its an obbsession, that i have done most weekends and holidays year in year out for the last 13 years. i have done most types of fishing, from pole to rivers, and the last couple of years have opened a whole new world to me, The world of Carp Fishing,
      in my pursuit to catch carp on different lakes i have met some of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet,
i would like to say a big thankyou to those who i fish regularly with, without those i would not know as much as i do now, and im almost certain i would not catch the fish i do.
   i would also like to thank my dad, who taxi's me and all my tackle around the country,
    and i would also like to thank the Carp Society, for the events that they organise for the juniors, namley the Carp Schools and the Fish-Ins, i have learnt a great deal from taking part in these events, and i think that anybody who gets the chance should join the society and get involved in there events.

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Please feel free to take a look around my site and visit my Forum, where you can post on any subject related to angling.

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