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Shortly there will be some articles and tackle reviews. if you want to write an article send it to me via e-mail, and i will publish it, also any item of tackle you have which you think is worth a mention do a write up on it and send it to me,,,,cheers..

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Fosters of Birmingham

Custom Built Discovery Rods


A custom built rod at an off the peg price, seams to good to be true, but it is true, the Fosters Discovery range of rods built by " Bob The Rod "  Fosters custom rod builder are excellent value for money.  They are available in 12' 2lb test, 12' 3lb test and the one I use for most of my fishing abroad these dats, the 13' 3lb test curve.


            The 12' 2lb test is a versatile all-round rod and one of the most popular rods built by Bob at the shop, for the angler who wants a bit of everything from their rod i.e. casting medium to long distance, but also superb playing action when the fish is at your feet, then this is the rod for you .

It is built with abbreviated duplon handle around a Fuji DPS18 black screw seat, Fuji rings from a 25mm butt through to a 8mm tip ring , with the black whipping finished of with a gold edge against the translucent green varnish of the blank it makes the Discovery a real eye catcher and a pleasure to own, with the price of 125.00 for the finished rod, it will not break the bank.


         The 12' 3lb test is a more powerful rod for longer distance fishing, it is a more fast taper action than the 2 lb test through action rod, but still gives you pleasure when play fish on it, it is superbly balanced for a 3 oz lead but will also handle more weight if needed. I have used this rod on the river Soane in France and it was certainly up to the task of play and landing the hard fighting river fish, it has also been used by Richard on his many trips to India, where he has landed Marsher up to 50 lbs on them , also one of Richard's customers has used these rods when fishing for Nile Perch from lake Nasser, he has also landed Nile Perch up to 80 lbs in weight on these rods. This rod is finished to the same quality standard as the 12' 2lb, but is rung for distance casting with 6 rings, starting at a 30 mm but ring and finishing off at the 12mm tip ring. The price of this one is 135.00.


      Finally the one that I use the most for abroad, the 13ft 3lb test curve Discovery. This rod in my opinion speaks for itself, an all-out distance rod, it is capable of casting a 4oz lead with 12 lb main line and leader for a very long distance, in the right hands, it has cast over 145 yds ( measured ) when it was tested prior to release. As for my use of this particular rod it is not for its casting properties but its all round power, when I am fishing on the fast flowing rivers abroad like the river Siean, or on the very large expanses of water like Du Der, I personally require that extra bit of power that this rod gives me, as I want to be able to handle any thing which I hook in to, I have had Carp up to 53 lbs on this rod, at this moment in time, who knows what this season will bring ? This rod is finished to the same quality standard as the previous two, but is also like the 12' 3lb test is rung for distance casting with 6 rings, it starts at a 40 mm but ring and finishing off with a 12mm tip ring. The price of this one is 145.00. Excellent value for a rod with its power in my opinion.


 If they stand up to my miss use, they will be an excellent rod for the more normal angler.


                                                          Big Ron Woodward   


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